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Get in touch with us here at LIST

  • Sven-Göran Larsson
    • Sven-Göran has been working with innovations and inventions for as long as he can remember. He owns several patents himself.
    • In the middle of the 90s he started working as a consultant for inventors, working both with the muncipality and the enterprised-owned BNC.
    • At the start of the new millennium, he was one of the founders of LIST Gävleborg. Ever since then, he has been the driving force in the office and an active advisor – “The spider in the web”, the one who connects inventors with established businesses and other stakeholders and entrepreneurs who help facilitate to get the inventors out to the open market. This in turn help improve the growth in our community.
  • Kerstin Lönngren
    • Kerstin has been working at LIST Gävleborg for 7 years. Kerstin’s primary strength lies in administrative work and accounting, where she has many years worth of experience. Kerstin also runs the editorial part of the website.
    • Before she became a part of LIST, she studied business managment and economies at CFL, while also practicing the art at a local accounting firm in Söderhamn.
    • She has also worked as an administrative assistant and in elderly care, and has experience from a lot of voluntary work.

Below you will find a couple of messages that were sent to us from people we've been in contact with.

  • I finally took the time to visit the website. Very fun and intriguing - precisely the way innovations are supposed to be like. I was watching through some pictures in the gallery when the pictures from the 3-D printer caught my attention. That looks to be a SAE 2-håls fläns, if I'm not entirely mistaken. That model is produced in the sizes ranging between 012 through 034, and also come in a variation where the mounting flange is turned in a 90 degree angle. We sell that version to, among others, to a chainsaw application manufactured by JPS teknik up in Färila. We also have a big project going on in cooperation with Peter Sörell at JPS. The project will, if everything goes well, revolutionize the forestry sector in regards to harvesting assembly. A small thing besides the point: In the 1960s, Sundins factories were really big with around 200 employees at Skidfabriken, 200 on pump manufacturing and closer to 300 at Hiab. My grandfather, Eric, thought we were way too big, because he didn't manage to find time to think about new ideas in solitude. That is partly why Hiab was sold, along with the fact that it was outside of the walls that we today work within. Meanwhile in the 60s, my grandfather invented a "tree climber". It found good use when cutting down birch trees that were located tightly in the forest. The device was a frame structure that could be carried. It was powered by an ILO motor. You would apply the device around the tree and start the motor. The device would climb up the tree in a spiral and cut off brances and twigs in its path. When it reached the peak of the tree, it would recognize this and change direction to head down the tree. Unfortunately, the speed of which trees were cut down was a huge downside to it. But if we think about it, we can almost say that this would have been the predecessor to today's harvesters utilizing the harvester heads. I actually have the patenting for this machine, which I find amusing on a historical side of things. With this, I would like to send warm regards from Sunfab och Hudik to everyone reading this. –Per Sundin

  • I have in the past received great help from LIST, and still to this date receieve good advise in my work and with my invention. After showing up with a prototype for my invention, it was LIST that first recognized that my idea was a good one. I have receieved a lot of good advise, practical help and guidance. To meet likeminded people is very good for the inspirational side of inventing. There are a great deal of good ideas that just lie on the shelf collecting dust, simply because you don't know what to do with the idea. Such a waste. This is where LIST has an important function to fill. The longer you keep working with ideas and inventions, the clearer it becomes just how little you yourself actually know. The value of collected experience, competence and knowledge that you get when you have access to LIST is not to be underestimated. –Anders Göransson

  • Thanks to the association for inventors, LIST. My name is Tommy Östman, and I have since my early childhood years liked to dismantle and put back together parts in order to better understand the construct behind them. I like to build, troubleshoot and fix things. I have studied in technology specialized on vehicles, and I've also had the experience of furthering my knowledge in various courses in electricity/technical and other personal courses throughout my working life. I've worked as a car mechanic, janitor. I also found the time to run my auto shop for a few years. Despite my technical background, it was hard to come to believe in myself and really put work into one of my ideas. You don't know where to begin, or you can find yourself with a few good first step, only to find yourself on shaky grounds afterwards. Other projects take up your time, and you find it hard to get work done. You might find yourself without someone to talk to about the experience. Someone invested and engaged in the whole ordeal. This is where your local inventors assocation comes into play. LIST is a friend that you can turn to if you need to discuss or throw around ideas with someone that is on the same level of field. You simply make first contact and tell them what you're thinking about, that is what I did. This is how you get an interested external part to throw around ideas with. You also have someone to show your progress to. You can get feedback that can keep the project alive and going. The next step in the process is ALMI, who might come to be your future investor. I have positive experience in, among other things, start your own business courses and inventors guidance provided by ALMI. Are you also interested in developing a potential idea that you have? Don't hesitate, make first contact now and see where it leads to. –Tommy Östman

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